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Steele Heights School is a community school serving the needs of juior high students in grades 7 - 9.  High levels of learning for all students and continuous improvement is our core focus.  This regular program is enhanced by a pyramid of intervention for those students requiring extra time and support and enriched programming for those students who wish to extend their learning beyond the regular curriular outcomes.


Students have a variety of complementary courses to choose from including, band, communications and media studies, food studies, drafting and design, art, drama, musical theatre, outdoor education, leadership, extra language arts and extra mathematics.  Course availablility is subject to available teaching staff and student interest. 



Academic achievement is the priority at Steele Heights, we have a strong commitment to high levels of learning for all students and continuous improvement.



Fine Arts

Steele Heights offers exceptional fine arts programming including, band, dramatic arts, and visual arts.