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    School starts at 8:40 AM on Thursday September 1st!  All students - grades 7,8, & 9 will meet outside the main doors before being taken in to their homeroom classes.  We are looking forward to seeing our students.



    If your child is new to Edmonton Public Schools, you can register for school online. Visit the Division website to learn how to register for school.


     2022-2023 Supply List

    Binders – two 2-inch binders OR four 1.5 inch binders
    Dividers for binders
    Pens – blue or black ink (no gel pens please)
    20 HB pencils
    Graph and lined paper
    Scientific calculator for math and science
    Geometry set
    Felt pens
    Pencil crayons
    Glue sticks
    2 Locks (one for hallway and one for P.E. locker)
    Dictionary and Thesaurus (Oxford paperback)
    Water bottle
    Gym shirt, sweatpants, yoga pants or shorts and non-marking indoor running shoes.

    (Light jackets, sweatshirts and gloves are recommended for cool weather)

     Please note that other supplies may be requested for complementary courses and supplies may need to be replenished throughout the year.


    2022-2023 Interactions School Supply List

    1. 4 glue sticks
    2. 12 pencils
    3. 4 erasers
    4. 24 pack pencil crayons
    5. 12 pack washable markers
    6. 1 set of headphones for computer use (labeled with your child’s name)
    7. 1 pair of indoor shoes (slip on or velcro)
    8. 1 set of extra indoor clothing (labeled with your child’s name)
    9. 4 packages of unscented baby wipes

    Supplies may need to be replenished as required.






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  • Athletics


    Sports Teams:

    Badminton   Cross Country Running   Soccer    Track & Field    Basketball


    Steele Heights offers a broad range of extra curricular athletics activities for all students.  These include a drop in gym program in the morning, intramurals, and team sports throughout the year including; cross country running, soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, badminton, track and field.


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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Steele Heights School offers a number of clubs and activities throughout the year that applies to a wide range of student interests including; cross country running, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, rugby, track and field, musical theatre, ski and snowboard club.

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  • Academics


    Academic achievement is the priority at Steele Heights, we have a strong commitment to high levels of learning for all students and continuous improvement.


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  • Fine Arts

    Fine Arts

    Steele Heights offers exceptional fine arts programming including, band, dramatic arts, and visual arts.







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Principal's Message

Welcome to Steele Heights School for the 2022-2023 School Year.  We are excited to welcome everyone back to a full, normal school year!  The entire staff is geared up to help students reengage with learning and catch up anyone who is behind.  All aspects of school life will be back this year - field trips, sports teams, assemblies, clubs, projects and special events.  We look forward to seeing all our students participate throughout the year.   Our key focus will still be on preparing students for their futures - both academically and in the workplace.  We will work to ensure all students have access to excellent teachers who will guide them in their pursuit of knowledge and skills.  At Steele Heights, we are committed to helping all students achieve their best in all they do.  We know that parent engagement is key to having students succeed and we would invite you to be active participants in your child's learning.  Together, we can ensure an excellent year for all.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.



Nick Diederichs

Principal - Steele Heights School